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Human rights groups: release those arrested in connection with planned protests; the state must protect the constitutional right of peaceful protest

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On Wednesday the 24th of February 2016 the Ministry of Health (MOH) released a statement, which was published in

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First we would like to confirm that the center has not yet been closed.

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Hours before emergency meeting of the Doctors Syndicate general assembly


El Nadim provides psychological management and rehabilitation to victims of tortureو Together with other NGOs and individuals it also provides some form of social support and refers to legal aid resource

Program Hotline Numbers: +201009952374 - +201009952374

Other than helping women victims of torture, El Nadeem is also involved in addressing other forms of violence against women. EL Nadeem is providing psychological, social and rehabilitative support to victims of domestic violence and rape, providing listening and counseling to women victims of violence.

Program Hotline Number: +201006662404